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Top journalist arrested after exposing corrupt Government official

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Mohammed Bare, a journalist based in Wajir was on Sunday afternoon arrested by detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) after he released a video that captured the County Architectural Assistant Stephen Ndathu receiving a bribe.

Mr Bare who is the correspondent Kulan Post- a digital news website was arrested by the officers after he declined to name the source of the video.

In the video, Mr Ndathu who is dressed in a light blue shirt is seen taking a bundle of notes from a contractor.

According to the journalist, he received the money in a bid to approve a construction building without actual assessment.

The contractors are then heard telling Mr Ndathu to approve their work without following the right procedure.

“You asked Sh5,000 and here we brought it,” a female is heard telling Mr Ndatho.

Mr Ndatho then responds by saying “I told you I am going somewhere now. Let’s do it later.”

Mr Ndatho then asks the contractors to see him later in the evening.

“You will finish our work by five?” the contractor questions Mr Ndatho who assures them that he will do it by the agreed time.

Kulan post editor Abdikadir Ukash told Kenya Mails that the officers did not have a right to arrest the journalist and they were acting mischievously.

Describing the journalist as hardworking, Mr Ukash said that arresting him was ill-intended.

“His arrest is as good as shooting the messenger. The officers have seen the damning video, but instead decided to punish Mohamed Barre for exposing the corrupt,” he said.

According to him, Sunday’s arrest was not the first- Mr Barre was in 2018 arrested by the same officers after he exposed a corrupt deal involving Wajir County officials.

“The officers who arrested him then confiscated his laptop and mobile phone,” said Mr Ukash.

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