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Tension High at Standard Media Group Over Plans to Sack Hundreds

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Standard Media Group. Photo/Courtesy

The Standard Media Group has announced plans to send home hundreds of members of its staff. 

In an internal memo that was exclusively shared to Kenya Mails the company announced that it was planning to declare the positions redundant. 

Members of the staff said that everyone was worried and wondering who were the targets in the new announcement. 

“I wish to notify you of the company’s intention to declare redundant about 170 positions across various departments,” the Internal Memo signed by Group CEO Orlando Lyomu read in part. 

The company gave out three reasons as to why it was planning to do so. The reasons include; the need to realign the organisation structure to be better equipped to deal with the emerging business challenges. 

The Internal Memo issued by Standard Media Group. Photo/Courtesy

Other reasons include; the shifting trends in media consumption which is occasioned by technological changes in the digital environment, efficiency arising from automation of key process and outsourcing of non-core services. 

“The company will ensure the process and selection criteria is fair and in compliance with the provisions of the Employment Act 2007, the Labor Relation Act and current CBA,” the memo further stated. 

It stated that all those who will be retrenched will enjoy a number of benefits that include; payments for the days worked until the exit date, Severance pay of 15 days or days indicted in CBA for union workers, for every completed year of service. 

In addition, they will be paid as per agreed in their specific contracts, they will be paid their leave days that they accrued and lastly, they will receive pension dues in line with the scheme rules. 

The company went ahead to give a one month notice of its intention to declare various positions redundant. 

Standard Group also said that it will offer counselling services to those who will be affected in the process. 

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