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Suspected Al Shabaab Militants Attack Again, Local Kidnapped

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Suspected Al Shabaab Militants. Photo/Courtesy

Suspected Al shabaab militants on Wednesday evening attacked a Mandera bound bus.

The militants are said to have stopped the Makkah bus that was headed to Mandera and checked for non-locals only to find a mechanic attached to the bus and left with him.

Locals told Kenya Mails that the militants checked everyone in the bus and found the mechanic as the only non-local in the bus.

“Locals tried to pursue the militants to leave the man in vain,” said a passenger who was in the bus at the time and witnessed the matter.

A short police report seen by Kenya Mails revealed that the attack happened near Jabi Bar village.

“The terrorists ransacked the bus for non-Northerners but found all the passengers are locals except the mechanic,” read the report in part.

This comes at a time when Kenya is on high alert over the presence of Juba Land officers in Mandera.

The fact that their is a huge presence of Juba Land officers in Mandera was made public by Governor Ali Roba.

In a statement, he said that locals were living in fear and that huge gunshots were heard along the border.

He also said that locals had spotted two lorries carrying Janan troops heading to Mandera along B9/A13 road.

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