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Ruto being locked out of his official residence is a non-issue, Government spokesperson says

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DP Ruto locked out of his residential home forced to sleep in hotel         

      Col Cyrus Oguna asks journalists to focus on productive issues

Government spokesperson Col Oguna (left) and DP William Ruto (Right). Photo/Courtesy

Government Spokesperson Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna has opened up about word that DP William Ruto was on Wednesday locked out of his official residence.

Dismissing the matter as a non-issue, Col Oguna said that there were more pressing issues to discuss about other than Dp Ruto’s woes that took place in Mombasa.

“There are more critical issues to be addressed and that to me is a non-issue. Whether the DP is moving in today or tomorrow in my view is not an area of discussion. I would have hoped you asked me about the rains which have subsided or the locusts’ issue. There are very critical things you can focus on,” Col Oguna told the Sunday Nation.

According to the publication, the relationship between President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP Ruto was worsening each new day and that they had stopped talking on daily basis as they used to.

DP Ruto arrived in Mombasa mid-morning and went on with his business of the day until evening when he went to his official residence but was locked out.

He found his members of staff packing his personal belongings that had been taken to the residence earlier on in the day.

The house was formerly owned by the Coast County Commissioner but was later handed over to the DP in cost cutting efforts.

Following the move to kick him out of the building, the DP spent his night at the English Point Marina in Nyali.

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