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Revealed: How detectives gunned down Nairobi’s most wanted criminal

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Details of how Nairobi’s most wanted criminal was gunned down by police officers drawn from the special crime prevention unit can now be revealed.

Mr Gibson Nyabaga Kennedy 26 and another unidentified man, was in his house when officers stormed the compound and ordered them out.

However, one of the men challenged the officers using a small stone and sneaked through the neighbour’s compound.

Mr Nyabaga on his side, stormed out of the house armed with an AK47 rifle and engaged the officers in a shoot out.

“The shootout lasted for over fifteen minutes while peeping through different parts of the house. The officers managed to fatally injure him,” an officer told Kenya Mails.

The suspect later passed on a few minutes later after the police gained access to the house.

Officers combed the house and managed to get two AK 47 rifles of serial number 56*19110681 with six rounds of 7.62 rounds of ammunition and another of Serial Number 56* 20010977 with ten rounds of ammunition.

Police immediately established that one of the guns had been stolen from a police officer in an incident that took place in July where two officers who were guarding Wilson Airport were attacked.

Police say that the suspect whose body was moved to the City Mortuary has been operating in Nairobi, Eastern and Central regional and was also being protected by rogue police officers.

A police report filed at the Mlolongo police station and seen by Kenya Mails reveal that members of the public raised concerns over the operations of the individuals who reside in the house and alerted the police.

Police believe that Mr Nyabaga was actively involved in the murder of a prominent business woman in Katani, Machakos County over the weekend.

Kenya Mails has also established that the police also managed to arrest a GSU officer in relation to the murder of the business woman.

“He had gone to a local dispensary to get a bullet lodged in his body removed and we were alerted. We pounced on him as soon as he was discharged from the facility,” said the source.

The DCI on Wednesday evening in a statement said that investigations into the matter was ongoing.

Several balaclavas & rifle cleaning oil were also recovered from the suspects’ house.

Other items found in the house include; two black mask mavins, one white plastic mask, one green plastic bottle containing firearm cleaning oil.

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