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Revealed; Family Next Plan in Efforts to Save Life of Former Garissa Finance CEC

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Mr Idriss Mukhtar. Photo/Courtesy

The family of former Garissa Finance CEC Idris Mukhtar has revealed their next plan which is aimed at saving his life. 

Dr Aden Mukhtar the father of Mr Idris Mukhtar who still has a bullet lodged in his head after he was shot by a gunman said that plans were underway to fly him to Turkey for improved treatment. 

He further revealed that the health of Mr Mukhtar had slightly improved as he was in a position of taking oral liquid through his mouth and he was also able to make small gestures. 

“We hope that he will eventually be okay and he gets back to his status, we shall do all it takes to ensure that this happens,” the father told Kenya Mails in an exclusive Interview. 

Mr Idris Mukhtar and his parents. Photo/Courtesy

Mr Mukhtar was shot in August 2018 at the parking of a restaurant near Kileleshwa Mosque minutes after he attended prayers at 8PM. 

He was rushed to a city hospital and days later the family flew him to India for further treatment but doctors there advised that it would be risky to remove the bullet. 

The family jetted back to the country with Mr Mukhtar who has been in a coma to recently when he started making gestures. 

Mr David Mwai who police believe pulled the trigger- could later commit suicide inside Kileleshwa Police station after making revelations on what had transpired. 

Two other suspects Ms Juliet Njoki and Mr Mohamud Hussein Aden are facing trial over the attempt on Mr Mukhtar’s life. 

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