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Police officers in Nairobi now want action taken against city top traffic boss

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Police officers. Photo/Courtesy

There is disquiet in the traffic wing of the police service with officers raising fingers at one of their bosses who they accuse of protecting matatu operators. 

A number of officers who spoke to Kenya Mails wondered why Mr Joseph Omukata who is in charge of traffic in Nairobi was protecting matatu owners who always break the law. 

“We suspect that something mischievous is going on because the matatu operators have always gotten their way despite the numerous instances where they break the law,” an officer who spoke in confidence said. 

The officers said that they lived in fear and were not free to exercise their duties as traffic cops. 

Another officer gave an example of how a public outcry forced the Inspector General of police to do away with alco-blow. 

“Numerous complaints were channeled to the office of the IG and he did away with alco-blow but the problem is still persistent something should be done,” he said. 

Kenya Mails has established that the officer was fired by the Kavulundi led commission over integrity issues when he was a traffic cop in Mombasa but he somehow managed to get back as the boss. 

Another officer said that private car motorists had turned their guns against the traffic officers who since they feel that they were not taking action against PSVs that keep breaking the law. 

“We have hope on Mr Mutyambai and we hope that he will do something about everything that is happening,” said the officer. 

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