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Photos; Kenyan domestic worker tortured to death in Iraq

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Ruth Omung’ala who was tortured to death in Iraq. photo/Courtesy

A Kenyan domestic worker on Friday night died in Iraq where she has been working for one year.

Ms Ruth Omung’ala who left Kenya in 2018 and travelled to Iraq to seek greener pastures is said to have been tortured by her employer until she passed on.

Kenya Mails has been briefed that the lady was even denied food by her bosses just becaue she fell sick and requested to be taken to hospital.

“Immediately, she arrived from Kenya they took away her travel documents and passport that is what they usually do here,” another domestic worker who is also a Kenyan told Kenya Mails.

Ms Omung’ala is said to have died while on her bed as fellow domestic workers watched in disbelief.

The tactic of taking passports from domestic workers is used by employers so as the workers dont get the freedom of movement.

“Iraq is very strict if you are found without a passport you might end up serving lots of years in jail,” a domestic worker said.

The worker also shared very disturbing photos of the woman during her last days.

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