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ODM Leader Raila Odinga warns Kenyans Against ‘Handshake’

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ODM leader Raila Odinga. Photo/Courtesy

Orange Democratic Movement Raila Odinga on Friday afternoon warned Kenyans against shaking of hands. 

In a press statement released on Friday just hours after Kenya confirmed a Coronavirus case in Kenya- Mr Odinga urged his supporters to listen to the Government. 

“As we embark on these steps; let us keep reminding ourselves to do the basic things that will make all the differences. In particular, let’s observe basic hygiene, let us remember to wash our hands and avoid shaking hands,” Mr Odinga said in a statement. 

Mr Odinga also said that the government was doing all it takes to ensure that all Kenyans are safe during this time. 

He said that he was pleased with how the government was handling the threat saying that the move to leverage all the cash in order to deal with the disease was in order. 

Statement issued by ODM leader Raila Odinga. Photo/Courtesy

“As a country, we are in together and we appeal to our citizens not to panic but instead cooperate with the Government which has factual and science based advised on how we must proceed. 

He also mentioned some of the measures that the government has put to place which include; suspension of inter-school events, prison visits, church crusades and all other public gatherings. 

The opposition leader accepted the fact that the disruptions will cause a number of disruptions in the country but insisted that there was need to follow them. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday afternoon held a consultative meeting with the cabinet to discuss the way forward and how the epidemic will be dealt with. 

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