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Needy Disabled Student Treks for Kilometers without Anything to Secure Admission in High School

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John Emitati in Mabole Boys High School. Photo/Courtesy

A standout performer in Kakamega County in regards to the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education almost missed a chance to further his studies.

Unknown to many is that the bright student has been living with his maternal grandmother ever since his mother abandoned him.

It is alleged that the mother eloped her maternal responsibilities upon realizing that his son John Emitati was disabled right from birth.

The boy who is 14 years of age has played a demanding role of a caregiver to his ailing 86-year-old grandmother for some years now.

John Emitati hails from Eshisakha village and managed to score 333 marks out of the possible 500 marks from Eshisakha Primary School.

The determined John woke up last Monday and chose to limb his way to Mabole Boys Secondary School where he was selected to join for his secondary school education.

Mabole Boys High School in Butere Sub-County. Photo/Kenya Mails

After covering 3 kilometers, he was received by the gatekeeper at Mabole Boys Secondary School and promptly shown the principal’s office.

The physical appearance of the boy surprised Mr. Benson Ogeda, the school principal.

John was wearing filthy worn out rags and had nothing to show his readiness for admission in the school.

He cried as he narrated his situation whilst pleading with the principal to allow him into the school which is located in Butere Constituency.

The student revealed how he wished he could not lose his chance in a school that emerged fifth in Kakamega County in the past KCSE.

The principal confirmed the sad state of John by sending the school messenger to Eshisakha village.

One of his primary school teachers accompanied John the following day.

The teacher stood in as John’s guardian in place of the immobile ailing grandmother.

Two compassionate students donated their old uniforms as John awaits his new uniforms from the institution.

Still, John attracted a lot of attention because of the old uniform and slippers on his feet when he was led to his new classroom. 

John was glad that he was allowed to be the only day scholar since he had no fees to pay yet.

Even though I have to trek for kilometers each day, I am glad to have secured a place in this school. At least I have the opportunity to look after my sick grandmother as well. I can cope with it regardless of my sick leg.

 The school principal is appealing for financial assistance from well-wishers to enable the student settle in the school like the other boys.

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