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Moses Kuria promises to reveal greatest secret on Msando’s death

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Mr Chris Msando. Photo/Courtesy

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Saturday night promised to reveal more details on the death of former Independent Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC) ICT manager Chris Msando.

In a one sentence post on his official Facebook account, Mr Kuria said that he was getting enough of Kenyans linking him to the murder and it was time he said what he knew about what had happened.

“I am sick and tired about people connecting me to the murder of Chris Msando. I will address the media on January 20, 2020 at 3PM about this whole issues,” he posted.

Mr Msando was picked up from around Mater Hospital in Nairobi’s South B on the night he died in July 2017.

The police said that he was last captured driving his car towards South B estate before someone else drove it out and eventually to Thika Road- where it could two days later be found.

The manner in which his body was found, revealed that Mr Msando was tortured and finally killed just 10 days to the 2017 General elections.

A kilometre away from where he was found, police also discovered the body of Ms Carol Ngumbu who was the last person that was seen with the IEBC ICT boss.

Mr Msando and a post that was made by Mr Moses Kuria. Photo/Courtesy

Mr Kuria was first linked to the death of Mr Msando on July 31, 2017 when he sensationally claimed that the missing man was enjoying sweet time with a woman.

He could later take a photo of Mr Msando’s car that was traced and found in Roysambu.

“The idiot is enjoying sweet time with a woman. And the story was that he is privy to ‘rigging’ and he can’t be found. “Verily, verily I say unto you Raila. You will not burn this country. Not when I am alive,” read the post.

Mr Kuria later pulled the post down.

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