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Lady motorist refuses to drive a police in her car to Police station

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Traffic officers during a past incident. Photo/Courtesy

A lady motorist along Jogoo Road adamantly refused to drive to a police station with a male officer in her car.

She argued that the officer had no right to enter her car.

Instead, she demanded to be booked and notified about the station she should meet the policeman, if at all she had a traffic offence .

Other motorists and road users quickly milled around the car which had been parked at a Shell petrol station along Jogoo Road upon hearing the loud altercation between the courageous lady and the police officer.

Other motorists claimed that the police officer is used to harassing motorists along that route.

The angry mob pulled the officer out of the car and stopped at beating him up following appeals by some of them.

The officer is seen frantically making calls to unknown persons as the enraged mob grew even bigger.

Here is the video of the incident as recorded by the lady motorist.

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