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Kenyan Government Punishes Civil Servant for Being Honest

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Southern Flights. Photo/Courtesy

The Kenyan Government has punished a staff who has been working at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) for sharing a video that captured the arrival of a Chinese flight into the country.

This comes amidst fear of the Coronavirus which has widely caused deaths in China and its neighboring countries.
In a letter penned by Ms Evelyne Munyoki the Chief Human Resource at JKIA, Mr Gire Ali was suspended indefinitely in line with the company’s policies.

Suspension Letter. Photo/Courtesy

“Following a report of video of China Southern flights arrival at JKIA and circulation of the video clip widely on social media and your alleged involvement in the matter, it has been decided that you be suspended from duty with effect from Feb 27,” the letter read in part.
Ms Munyoki in the letter further revealed that the suspension was meant to pave way for further investigations into the sharing of the video.
The suspect is required to be availing himself whenever the JKIA disciplinary team needs to have word with him until a decision on the matter is made.

“You are therefore required to remain contactable and within reach during the period. Also note that the suspension period will be on full salary,” the letter read in part.
The government this week allowed 239 Chinese nationals into the country a move that has caused an uproar in the country.

It has also emerged that the Chinese nationals did not undergo any medical check-ups despite the government insisting that it happened.
The Chinese Embassy in Kenya also stated that the passengers were asked to quarantine themselves for a period of two weeks.

Since the Coronavirus break-out 17 cases have been reported in Kenya but the patients have tested negative.

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