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Exclusive; Newborn Baby Tests Positive For Coronavirus

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Nurses showing how prepared they are to deal with Corona Virus. Photo/Courtesy

A newborn baby has tested positive for Coronavirus which is the youngest case to have ever been recorded since the epidemic started. 

The child’s mother had been rushed to hospital after she was suspected with pneumonia and it emerged that she had also caught the virus. 

The Guardian on Saturday reported that the child’s mother was rushed to the North Middlesex hospital in London. 

“The mother tested positive at North Middlesex hospital, in Enfield, with results coming through after the birth. Minutes after the birth the baby tested for Covid-19,” the Guardian reported. 

It further stated that the two patients had indeed tested for coronavirus, with staff who were in close contact with them advised to self-quarantined. 

North Middlesex University Hospital. Photo/Courtesy

What remains unclear so far is whether the baby contracted the disease while in the womb or during birth. 

The baby is still being treated at the hospital but the mother has been transferred to a specialist who deals with infectious diseases. 

A statement by the North Middlesex University Hospital stated that it minded about the safety of its patients and staff. 

This comes just hours after it was reported that a team of specialists led by Dr Robbin shattock had developed a virus that they believe will be effective in dealing with the infectious disease.

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