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Exclusive; Full list of individuals killed in the Wajir terror attack- Photos

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The bus that was attacked by Al Shabaab militants. Photo/Courtesy

The full list of individuals who were on Friday killed in the Wajir bus attack by suspected Al- Shabaab militants can now be revealed.

Kenya Mails has established that six out of the ten people who were killed are police officers who were travelling in a bus owned by Medina company that was headed to Mandera.

Eight of those who were killed have been identified with police saying that they were yet to identify two men.

“We already have ten bodies, eight of them have been identified but the police are yet to establish the identity of the other two,” an officer involved in the investigations said.

The bus was stopped by suspected militia at Wargatut which is based between Kotulo Wajir and Tarbaj and ordered everyone to alight.

The militants then separated non locals from locals and shot dead 10 of them. There was a total of 16 non-locals in the bus.

Speaking to officers involved in the operation, Kenya Mails has established that some of the non-locals managed to run away as the shooting was happening into nearby bushes.

Intelligence reports reveal that the North Eastern province at large is full of suspected Al Shabaab militants.

A police officer who is a victim in the attack. Photo/Courtesy

The officers who were killed during the attack are;

  1. CPL Athanus Kiti of police number 86572
  2. PC Enos Odhiambo of police number 114365
  3. PC Kevin Mandela of police number 116155
  4. PC Wisely Meli of police number 116135
  5. PC Tikane Kasale of police number 114968
  6. PC Francis Mbuvi of police number 109057

The two civilians who were killed during the attack are;

Dr Rodgers Machuka who was killed in the attack.
  1. Rodgers Machuka who is a medic based in Mandera
  2. Leornard Mukanda

Kenya Mails has also established that three officers and one civilian survived the attack and they are;

  1. CPL Safania Kipkuley of police number 86765
  2. PC Eric Mutai of police number 97821
  3. PC Sammy Kirwa Maiyo of police number 106430

And a civilian

  1. Josephat Kituko Kinyili.

Police also said that two officers who are believed to have been in the bus are unaccounted for. They are;

  1. Emmanuel Barasa of police number 115425
  2. Nathan Bett of police number 114571
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