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Drama as Sarah Cohen visits Kitusuru home

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Ms Sarah Cohen. Photo/Courtesy

Drama was witnessed at the home of the late Tob Cohen house in Kitusuru, Nairobi after his wife went there to pick her personal effects. 

There was a standoff as detectives were engaged in a bitter exchange with Ms Cohen on who should walk into the house and who shouldn’t. 

“There was a bitter exchange as everyone wanted to walk into the house and Ms Cohen opposed it, in addition she did not want anyone to take videos,” a detective told Kenya Mails. 

Ms Sarah, was last week given permission to visit her home and pick her personal items which include; shoes, clothes, handbags and grooming tools. 

However, in the ruling the judge denied her access to foods and alcohol.  

Also, she was denied to access her car and her daughter’s belongings, dogs and files from her office  

Ms Cohen is the main suspect in the murder of her husband whose body was found inside a septic tank in the compound. 

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