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Coronavirus; President Kenyatta Tough Talk Leaves One Supermarket Staff Jobless

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President Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo/Courtesy

Tough orders issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta during an update on the state of Corona Virus in the country on Monday left one Supermarket staff jobless. 

Kenya Mails has established that Cleanshelf Supermarket Ruaka branch sacked one of its staff for adjusting the prices of Tropikal hand sanitizers. 

In a statement on its social media platforms, Cleanshelf Supermarket blamed the worker for doing so and asked customers who had purchased the sanitizer at the exaggerated prices to go back and get refunded. 

“This was an individual error, and the management of cleanshelf, wholly and unreservedly apologizes to all our customers,” the statement read in part. 

Cleanshelf Supermarket Statement. Photo/Courtesy

The Supermarket assured its customers that action will be taken against any staff who violates the company’s pricing policy. 

On Sunday night Kenyans raised concern over the matter saying that a Cleanshelf Supermarket Ruaka was increasing prices unlawfully. 

This forced the supermarket to release a press statement saying that it was adhering to the government’s directive to avail sanitizers for use. 

It further stated that prices of all products within all its outlets country-wide were unaltered “despite the scarce availability from suppliers.” 

Cleanshelf Supermarket Statement.Photo/Courtesy

It also stated that action will be taken against any member of its staff who will be found to have hiked prices without proper consultation. 

President Kenyatta while addressing the Nation on Sunday said that action will be taken to any business people who will hike prices taking advantage of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Kenya has so far confirmed three cases but maintains that it was prepared to deal with the situation. 

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