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Coronavirus; Foreigner, Four Placed in Isolation Over Epidemic

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A foreigner who jetted into the country three days ago has been placed in isolation at Kakuma General Hospital. 

In a police report filed under OB number 30/19/3/2020 revealed that Mr Osman Hassan, 72, a Somali who is also a US citizen was suspected to be having the virus due to his high body temperature. 

“He was with 36.2 Degrees Temperature and it was noted that he had travelled into the country on March 16, 2020 and arrived in Lodwar today by Skyward flight,” the report read in part. 

The foreigner was travelling inside a white pro-box of registration number KCT 462D that had three occupants who were also placed in isolation at the same facility. 

Police said that the three had gone to pick Mr Osman from the airstrip and were on their way back to Kakuma camp when they were stopped and screened. 

The driver of the car was identified as Mr Fredrick Lopeyo, 23, the other occupants were identified as Mr Ali Abdikatir 23, who is a son to the foreigner and Jaffar Abdikatir who is a grandson to the foreigner. 

The three are refugees at Kakuma camp the police said. 

The first Coronavirus case was reported in the country last week on Friday and so far the Kenyan government has confirmed seven cases. 

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