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Catholic Priest Flouts COVID-19 Self-Quarantine Directive

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Catholic Priest. Photo/Courtesy

Barely a week ago, the Deputy Governor of Kilifi Gideon Saburi was arrested and forcefully quarantined in a health facility.

The forceful action was used after the senior government official failed to obey the mandatory self-quarantine directive from the health Cabinet Secretary upon his return from Germany.

A catholic priest was arrested in Kitui for a similar offence.

Members of the public tipped off police officers after the priest was spotted in Kitui town.

Confirming the incident, Kitui Central Sub-county DCI boss Nzioka Singi indicated that the priest does not show any symptoms of being sick just yet.

Mr. Singi was speaking after visiting Fr. Nicholas Maanzo at his home in the outskirts of Kitui town.

He was accompanied by police officers and health officers from the county of Kitui.

The priest is said to have jetted in after his study tour in Italy, the current epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The father apologized and admitted to sneaking into Kitui town on Tuesday night.

He visited a supermarket before utilizing an ATM machine in Kitui town.

Mr. Singi directed the priest to adhere to his self-quarantine or face dire consequences.

I caution you not to venture out again until 14 days lapse.

By going out on Tuesday night you could have exposed many people should it emerge that you are sick.

We are hoping that you are not sick, otherwise you will be arrested and charged in court.

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