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Breaking; Police take action against driver of bus in the Wajir terror attack

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The bus that was attacked by Al Shabaab militants. Photo/Courtesy

The driver of an ill-fated bus that was attacked by armed al-shabaab militants and the tout have been arrested.

Mr Musa Hussein Ramadhan the driver and Mr Sadiq Abdulahi Issack employees of Medina Sacco are currently being detained at the Kotulo police post in Wajir County.

Kenya Mails has established that all the occupants described as locals and who were let go by the militants were on Saturday morning asked to record statements at the same station.

Currently, a joint operation by Kenyan police and Kenya Defence Forces officers is ongoing at the area with the aim of arresting the militants.

A senior detective who is actively involved in the investigations told Kenya Mails that the driver was being questioned in relation to the attack.

“He will then be asked to record statement over the attack as investigations are ongoing,” the detective who spoke in confidence told Kenya Mails.

The arrest comes amidst concerns that the driver did not show any efforts of trying to drive away from the militants.

Survivors say that the driver was flagged to stop, and he quickly did so without hesitate, it then became easier for the militants to carry out the attack.

According to the police the militants separated locals from non-locals before opening fire towards the non-locals where 10 people were killed.

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