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Breaking; Keep my family out of your corruption songs, Amos Wako tells US

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Busia Senator Amos Wako has retaliated a statement he made ten years ago that he did not have any desire to visit the United States of America (USA).

Speaking to journalists in Parliament buildings, the former Attorney General said he has been travelling to the US as a member of the International Law Commission.

“I have been travelling to the United Nation General Assembly, every year since 2009 when they issued the ban. However, personally I don’t have any desire to visit the US,” Mr Wako said.

He also condemned the US for dragging his son Julius and wife Flora into his predicament, yet they led independent lives.

Mr Wako said that even if he was involved in any corrupt activities, it was unfair that his son and wife could also not travel to the US.

He said that his son was a successful legal practitioner with many known expertise on the African level.

Mr Wako also said that the USA had not come out clear on which corruption activities he was involved in.

“USA should provide evidence on what they are alleging instead of laying the accusations to walls in Washington walls,” he said.

According to him, the US has never provided to him any tangible evidence that he was involved in corruption despite efforts to reach them out.

This comes just days after Mr Wako was banned from travelling to the US, also banned was his wife and son.

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