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Another Painful Death at the Hands of a Lover

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Tieyrus Mwangi and the late Purity Ikunywa. Photo/Facebook

Falling in love is fast becoming a death trap for many unsuspecting victims.

Barely a month goes by before a love-related death goes viral in Kenya.

This is yet another sad episode of love, empathy and trust being taken for granted and used against an individual.

Friends and family of Purity Karwirwa Ikunywa are demanding justice for her painful death at the hands of her boyfriend.

Purity Karwirwa Ikunywa. Photo/Courtesy

Karimi, a friend Purity eulogized her saying:

It hurts when you lose a friend to death, a friend who was not sick…It hurts a lot when you know someone just killed your friend just because of love.

It is alleged that Tieyrus Mwangi, a prison warden based in Malindi, hit the deceased on the head 5 times using a hammer.

Kenya Mails has established that the correctional officer was on leave and had travelled upcountry to Limuru when the incident occurred.

Tieyrus Mwangi. Photo/Facebook

Mwangi’s colleague revealed that the two had scuffles for unknown reasons whenever Purity paid him a visit.

Ken said:

…even before walikua wanapigana sana kwa nyumba wakati Purity alikua anamtembelea uku Malindi…sikujua haswa walikua wanakosania nini (even before they used to fight a lot whenever Purity paid him a visit here in Malindi…I never established the reason behind their disagreements.)

The workmate further pointed out that Mwangi is the quiet type of guy and the incident has shocked them.

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