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Another Blow for Ruto as Governor Defects from Team Tangatanga

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Deputy President William Ruto with Governor Mutahi Kahiga at a past event. Photo/Courtesy

A key Mt. Kenya figure in team Tangatanga has announced his defection from the Ruto allied political faction.

In his sentiments, the Nyeri governor apologized to his constituents and vowed to support President Uhuru Kenyatta.

We are strongly supporting the BBI process whether our President wants to increase seats or he wants to remain, let him tell us how we can improve it because we are very ready to pass it.

Governor Mutahi Kahiga pointed out that he regularly accompanied the deputy president primarily because Ruto asserted that his visits in Mt. Kenya region were based on the President’s orders.

Nyeri Governor Mutahinkahiga. Photo/Courtesy

Governor Kahiga went ahead to claim that he has come to realize that the situation is far from what he thought.

DP Ruto has been in Nyeri for many times and I have been attending his functions as the county governor and I go there because he says he has been sent by the President. I have however come to realize that things are totally different from what I initially thought, kwa ground vitu ni tofauti.

The governor’s support for Dr. Ruto is assumed to be the main reason as to why he was not invited by the president to a meeting in Mombasa State House.

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