Student Escapes Examination Room Mid-Exam as Paper Gets Tough

Education CS Prof George Magoha. Photo/Courtesy

A Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) student on Tuesday mid-day escaped from the examination room as the Mathematics Paper Two test went on. 

The school principal was forced to dash after the student who has been described as disheartening and asked her the student to get back to class. 

However, the student maintained that he would not go on with the paper as it had become tough for him. 

The principal was forced to provide the student with milk in order to calm his nerves down. 

“One of the students had to be given a cup of milk to him in order for him to finish the paper. Pray for us all, we’ve seen things,” he said. 

It has emerged that the principal had posted in the school’s teachers’ WhatsApp group, saying that the students had learnt it the hard way after they demanded for entertainment during Easter holiday. 

On the same day police officers arrested a school principal for allegedly leaking the mathematics paper two a few hours before the actual exam kicked-off. 

George Magoha, the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education said that his ministry had examined the contents of the leaked paper and established that it did not match the KNEC Maths test that was done on Tuesday, 6. 

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