The Bonchari Constituency By-Election, and Hon. Osoro Factor

The year is 2021 suddenly the Bonchari MP Hon.Oroo Oyioka dies in a Kisumu hospital hence necessitating a by election in Bonchari.

UDA contemplates on who to give a ticket. Hon Osoro fronts one candidate whom the other side of UDA led by the Kisii Deputy Governor rejects in favour of the late Oyioka’s wife in the name of completing the husband’s projects.

How I wish the prominent criminal lawyer was given that opportunity to compete against the ODM candidate one Mr.Pavel Oimeke former EPRA boss whom we will be discussing in our subsequent engagements (remember we have a lot pertaining him-Keep it here for more).

Long story short Maangi is leading the UDA campaigns in Bonchari and as it is the DP will be a no show going from the past by elections.On the other hand hon.

Osoro is reluctant in supporting Teresa Bitutu- who should have allowed his son to vie -hence complicating matters.Honestly speaking Maangi will never mount any serious campaigns in favour of Bitutu thus the ODM candidate might as well be on his way to parliament as early as 9am on 18th May 2021.

Osoro is the Omogusii spokesperson in the UDA fraternity and rightly so thus without him Bitutu could easily be number 7 even if she was running against herself.
More to follow.

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