How ODM Leader Raila Odinga Killed Nyachae’s Political Dreams

Raila Odinga (left) and Simeon Nyachae (Right). Photo/Courtesy

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga killed Simeon Nyachae’s political dreams in many ways. 

However, the one that left Mr Nyachae’s political dream killed was when Mr Odinga gave him his back when he needed it most. 

In 2002, Mr Odinga in a closed meeting with Mr Nyachae who at the time was eyeing the presidential seat agreed to support the latter. 

A close confidant to Mr Nyachae who was part and parcel of the meeting told Kenya Mails that money played a great role in the deal. 

“Mr Odinga got his share and just like that he fled as he agreed to support Mr Nyachae, how things changed remain a mystery to date,” said the source. 

A few minutes after they had done with the meeting, Mr Odinga led a delegation of Luo MPs to Uhuru Park where he instead agreed to support former President Mwai Kibaki. 

In his speech, Mr Odinga started by saying “Kibaki Tosha” and the whole crowd agreed to the endorsement. 

In his deal with Kibaki, Mr Odinga had been promised that he will be given the Prime Minister’s post but instead he was handed the Minister for Roads position. 

This did not go well with Mr Odinga who in 2005 kicked off a campaign against the former President and caused chaos in his government. 

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