Love Hungry Kamba Lady Losses Property Worth Thousands to West African Foreigner she Met on Dating site- Photos

Ms Joyce Mbalo. Photo/Courtesy

A love hungry Kamba lady is counting losses after a West African Foreigner who she met on an online dating site turned against her and stole properties worth thousands. 

Ms Joyce Mbalo who lives in Ruaka, had thought that she would get easy money and even fly out of the country courtesy of Mr Alfred Bangura but this was never to be. 

Ms Joyce Mbalo. Photo/Courtesy

To her, she had seen an easy move of leaving the country and go on her evil ways of searching for men and milking their accounts dry. 

The 25-year-old University student realised that not all men are awesome just like their vybing lines when the man who had sent her money on several occasions turned against her in the most unexpected way. 

Ms Joyce Mbalo. Photo/Courtesy

After days of chatting, Mr Bangura gave her an invite and they both agreed to meet at Marurui in Kahawa West. 

On Monday, the lady dressed to kill- Ms Mbalo met the man as agreed and she was ushered into a car. 

For the love of free things which is a character associated to ladies who live in Ruaka and for the love of men known to be a Kamba affair Ms Mbalo lost it all. 

Mr Alfred Bangura. Photo/Courtesy

The DCI in a statement revealed that the man turned against her and stole all the valuable item that she possessed before kicking her out of the car. 

Police later on Wednesday arrested the suspect and it emerged that he was a Sierra Leone national who could not explain how he ended up in Kenya. 

He is currently held up at Industrial Area Police Station. 

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