Pastor Tricks Father, ‘Eats’ Daughter- Photos

The pulpit of a church. Photo/Courtesy

A pastor has hit news headlines after he tricked a man and remained in the house defiling his daughter. 

The pastor identified as Abel Nyansiekera who is in charge of Omoyo PAG church in Nyaribari Masaba, Kisii County sent the dad to the minor to the market and remained committing the heinous act. 

According to the father who cannot be named due to the privacy of the minor the pastor visited his home and requested to send the little girl to a local pharmacy. 

However, the father said that he would rush faster and bring the pills because the pastor had complained of severe headache. 

Pastor Abel Nyansiekera. Photo/Courtesy

In addition, the pastor also asked the man to purchase a glass of sugar so that they could prepare tea. 

As soon as the man left the compound, the pastor grabbed the minor and severely defiled her and pretended that everything was well. 

“I did not notice that he had defiled my daughter until I saw him off and when I went back to the house I found her crying,” the man said. 

Police have launched a massive manhunt for the accused with the hope of ensuring that the minor gets justice. 

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