Exclusive; Al Shabaab Fighter who Killed Hundreds of Kenyan Soldiers Surrenders- Photos

Al Shabaab militants. Photo/Courtesy

An Al-shabaab militant who killed hundreds of Kenyan soldiers on Monday, August 31, 2020 surrendered to the Kenyan police. 

Khalif Abdinoor Mohamed, 25, who hails from the Garre clan surrendered to the police armed with an AK-47 weapon with three magazines that had several rounds of ammunition. 

The fighter participated in the El Adde attack on January 15, 2016- where over 150 soldiers were killed in the early morning attack. 

A senior police boss based in the vast North Eastern province told Kenya Mails that the fighter managed to communicate with the police boss Burahache police station who facilitated his movement into the country. 

“He ran away from Al Shabaab fighters on August 30, 2020 at around 1800hrs, he could later communicate with the OCPD Burahache Police Station who facilitated his movement towards the location.” 

Khalif Abdinoor Mohamed Al Shabaab fighter. Photo/Courtesy

He could later arrive in Kenya at around August 31, 2020 at around 1100 Hrs. 

Investigations by detectives reveal that the fighter joined Al Shabaab in 2013 and he trained in Saakow at Saretha Kulmiye training school. 

Mohamed also went through a nine months extensive training in Buale where he was trained on the Global Positioning System (GPS) training on how to use a “Motorola and how to carry out recce on camps, and conduct assassinations.” 

The fighter has also conducted a number of operations in Mogadishu and Baydhabo and in 2017 he was sent towards the border of Kenya near Elwark. 

He was also amongst fighters who have been fighting in Elram and Khorof Harar in Somalia. 

In his statement to the police, the fighter said that he was also deployed in hills adjacent to Kukumo where he said that they operated in groups of 12 that were part large group of 30-36 operatives. 

He said that the fighters always spend only 3 nights in one location before moving towards another. 

Mohamed also said that they use motor bikes to access difficult terrain and deliver ration and water- they also used hand-held Motorola phones for communication. 

Weapons that were found in possession of the fighter. Photo/Courtesy

The fighter revealed that the Head Quarters of the combat radios was based in Kukumo where two technicians are currently manning with about 30 operatives keeping an eye on them. 

He further revealed that he was part of a group that includes Kenyan and foreign fighters known as Muhajiruun who receive one and a half years training and are well paid. 

The group was sent to conduct recce on Elram camp ADTU camp in Mandera County. 

Detectives believe that the fighter is a person of interest since he has very vital information on the way Al Shabaab militants operate especially in the areas of Borehole 11, Khorof Harar, Elram, Konton and Cowsqurun.  

“For an AS operative with vast experience in operations, his intentions of surrender are not yet clear and may have been sent to conduct recce on Burahache FOB,” a senior detective told Kenya Mails. 

Currently, detectives are planning to transport the detective to the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) headquarters within Nairobi County. 

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