Exclusive; Key Suspect Speaks-out on How Kevin Omwenga Died

Mr Kevin Omwenga. Photo/Courtesy

The key suspect in the recent murder of Kilimani businessman Kevin Omwenga has for the first time opened up on the incident. 

Mr Robert Ouko, told police on Sunday that the shooting did take place albeit accidentally- he added that the gun went off while they were scuffling over it. 

The suspect who is a personal bodyguard to crafty businessman Mr Chris Obure said that he took the gun from his boss’ office at Senteu Plaza next to Galana suits in Kilimani. 

Mr Ouko said that he took the gun on Friday morning without the consent of his boss and returned it a few minutes before midnight. 

He further disclosed that he handed the gun to Omwenga that evening as they left a joint along Argwings Kodhek Road for Ngara where they picked a female companion. 

He is said to have explained that the businessman took hold of the gun to show off and when he wanted to leave, he is said to have pulled Omwenga to the bedroom to take back the gun. 

There is reported to have been a party at the house’s sitting room on the fateful day. 

He said that the gun went off piercing through the left side of Mr Omwenga’s heart. 

Surprisingly, Mr Obure has in the past been declared unfit to handle a firearm and it remains unclear how the same gun ended in his hands. 

Kenya Mails has established that detectives are planning to question his family in order to ascertain whether they knew the kind of business he was engaged in. 

In March the suspect was kicked out of his house and it remains unclear how he managed to bounce back and start paying a Sh150,000 rent per month. 

In the five months since March, the late also bought two cars a Porsche and a Range Rover Sports. 

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