Google warns users over a System Controlling Chrome Bug

Google Chrome users could be on the receiving end of a system controlling bug in the desktop version of the browser. The bug simply allows the attacker to take over the computer and transact any thing they will be free to do. This is a big risk to online users losing their data to the rogue user simply by using Google chrome.

However, this is determined to have happened on the Chrome 79 Rollout. The bug also deletes user data and could provide the information with credentials that can access the personal information.

The bug lies a blink with the google rendering engine which underpins chrome as a part of the browser which interprets HTML and creates the visuals that one will be seeing on the website while using chrome browser.

Blink is a part of the Open-Source chromium project created to be a core element of the Web Kit, with which the browser Engine similar to what Apple users use for Safari browser.

The attacker exploits this serious bug when the user visits a malicious page. This is according to the advisory that was issued by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), that was issued one day after google blog post on the issue.

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